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Accessibility Testing Training in Bangalore Batch Details

Trainer NameSanjay
Trainer Experience8+ Years
Course Duration2 Months
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date29th Feb 2022 AT 11:00 AM
Training ModesClassroom [BANGALORE] / Online

Key Features Of Accessibility Testing Training

Course Curriculum

  • What is Accessibility 
  • Types of disabilities and statistics 
  • Impacts of Inaccessible Web/Mobile applications
  • Reasons for Inaccessible Web/Mobile applications
  • Accessibility Laws
  • WCAG – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Principles of Accessible Design
  • Assistive Technologies

WCAG – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Principles

  • Perceivable
  • Operable
  • Understandable
  • Robust 

Assistive Technologies

  • Screen Readers
  • Screen Magnifiers
  • Switch Devices
  • Interaction of Web applications using Keyboard alone 
  • Interaction and Testing of Web application using Screen and Keyboard shortcuts 
  • Interaction and Testing of Web application using Screen magnification techniques and tools 
  • Testing the colour contrast ratio of web content using contrast analysers ans developer tools etc. 
  • Interaction and testing of mobile application using screen reader gestures
  • Interaction and testing of mobile application using screen Magnification gestures
  • Interaction and testing of mobile application using Switch devices

nteraction and testing of mobile application using Voice assisted techniques

Interaction and testing of mobile application using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility Testing Training in Bangalore

About Accessibility Testing Training in Bangalore

Accessibility testing is a practice used to evaluate the effectiveness of websites, mobile applications, software programs—any system that could be accessed by people with disabilities such as – vision impairment, hearing disabilities, and other physical or cognitive conditions.

A large amount of testing is done for accessibility, and it ensures that people with special needs will have a convenient way to use the software.

Testing 360 is a leading Software Training institute in Bangalore and is known for its method of training among other training providers.

In Testing 360 our Accessibility Testing expert trainers have over 11+ years of experience and can prepare students to launch their careers in this field.

Our Accessibility Testing placement assistance program will help our students get ready for their mock interviews, resume creation, and question-and-answer sessions. 

At Testing 360 our expert trainers are extremely passionate about their vision and commitment to giving the best training for every individual aspiring for a career in the Accessibility Testing field.

Testing 360’s Accessibility Testing course includes basic to advanced levels of training and our Accessibility Testing course is designed to get our trainees a job in a good MNC after the completion of the course.

We at Testing 360 offer 3 types of training: online Accessibility Testing training, classroom Accessibility Testing training, and Accessibility Testing Self-paced Video course in Bangalore.

Our Accessibility Testing video course includes video recordings of class sessions, as well as materials such as sample resumes, etc. Testing 360 offers certification programs for Accessibility Testing.

Candidates will receive a course completion certificate at the end of the course from Testing 360.  

Enroll in Testing 360 for Accessibility Testing training in Bangalore and build a lucrative career. 

Modes of Accessibility Testing Training

In-class Accessibility Testing Training

We offer expert classroom training in Accessibility Testing for both beginners and more experienced professionals.

Our classroom sessions cover all aspects of the framework, from basic to advanced techniques.

Online Accessibility Testing Training

Our Accessibility Testing course is delivered through online platforms that give students access to live tutors.

If our students have any questions or problems as they work their way through each unit of the training program, then these experts can help them out immediately.

Accessibility Testing Video course

The Testing 360’s Accessibility Testing Video Course is a curriculum of live recordings with additional resources, presented in an organized way.

You can learn the course by watching this video as well as accessing additional materials for each section if needed. If you have any questions about the material please feel free to ask the tutors during our weekly online sessions.

Why choose our Testing 360 Institute?

Skilled Accessibility Testing Tutors

Skilled Tutors

Our instructors have experienced Accessibility Testing professionals with exceptional skills. They can impart knowledge to you during your training sessions, and make sure that when they're done you'll be prepared for the workforce. Our trainers know how to train well so students will come away from class ready for their future in this field.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Once you know the skills, Testing 360 recommends that you understand the eligible job roles, the scope of work, and opportunities. We’ll also provide career counseling to help guide your path in your chosen field.

Work on Real-Time Accessibility Testing Projects

Work on Real-Time Projects

Testing 360’s Accessibility Testing Training course aims to provide quality training that covers solid fundamental knowledge of core concepts with a practical approach and provides students to work on real-time projects. 

Accessibility Testing Certification


Students who complete our Accessibility Testing training program will receive a certificate of completion from our Testing 360 institute, which is widely accepted and recognized throughout the world. This increases their chances of securing a great job opportunity.

Interactive Accessibility Testing Session

Interactive Accessibility Testing Session

At Testing 360 Instructors will be available to answer questions and provide clarifications during the course. You can also ask fellow learners about anything that is unclear in particular subjects via the discussion forums.

Interview Preparation on Accessibility Testing

Interview Preparation

Our placement cell experts guide our students and prepare them for interviews such as mock interviews, Frequently Asked Questions, and more and help you to maintain good resumes by providing some helpful formatting tips and templates to use during your job search in Accessibility Testing.

Community Support

Community Support

Testing 360’s dedicated support team provides ongoing assistance to students as they encounter challenges throughout their learning process.

Limited Accessibility Testing batches

Limited Accessibility Testing batches

Testing 360 limits the number of students we trained with, so that each one gets the personal attention they need in the Accessibility training.

Learner’s point of View

Hamdhan Designation

Testing 360 is a great training institute in Bangalore for Accessibility testing technologies. The faculty was very knowledgeable, and available to answer students' questions, and the course itself was interesting & engaging. ​

Ganesh Designation

I found out about Testing 360 institute from a colleague. They provide both practical and theoretical training, making the placement program here pretty unique. I completed my Accessibility Testing training course at Testing 360, this is the best institute to learn in Bangalore. ​

Ravi Designation

It's the best institute for learning Accessibility Testing course online. Great explanation of concepts through live examples, this helped me to understand the connect between various topics of Accessibility Testing. I enrolled for the course at Testing 360 and was immediately placed after completing it.

Sanjay Designation

I recently completed the Accessibility Testing course from Testing 360. The instructors have years of experience with this platform and gave me real-world projects that helped me develop my skills and gain confidence in using Accessibility Testing technology. ​

Raju Designation

The Accessibility Testing certification from Testing 360 helped me to get placed in a company immediately after completion of the course. Thanks to its dedicated placement team and training methods. Testing 360 in Bangalore is the best place to learn Accessibility Testing training.

    Certification in Accessibility Testing

    Our Accessibility Testing Training course prepares learners to tackle the Testing 360 certification and get jobs at top MNCs.

    Our program is based on real-world industry scenarios, so you’ll learn skills that will take your career to the next level.

    After successful completion of the training, Testing 360 will provide students with Accessibility Testing course completion certificates. 

    Certification Accessibility Testing


    Advantages of Learning Accessibility Testing course

    Employment possibilities in Accessibility Testing

    Completion of the Accessibility Testing course you will learn

    Prerequisites to Learn Accessibility Testing


    Accessibility testing is a type of software testing that scrutinizes an application from the point of view or physically challenged users such as – 

    • People with disabilities, colour blindness, Visin related disabilities, Hearing impaired, Cognitive Disabilities. 
    • Aspirants who are interested in starting their career in the field of software testing
    • People looking for a certification course in accessibility testing
    • Testers 
    • Freshers or immediate pass outs want to enter the IT industry 
    • Non-programming enthusiasts 
    • Both technical and non-technical learners  
    • ESB Introduction
    • Mule Basics
    • HTTP Configuration
    • File Endpoint
    • Introduction to Domains
    • API-LED connectivity

    Yes, our tutors will assist you during or after the training was completed in Accessibility Testing by providing one-on-one sessions to clear any doubts that may have arisen.

    Yes, you can customize the Accessibility Testing course curriculum as per your requirements at Testing 360.

    At Testing 360 we will make sure that you get a hassle-free refund policy if you are eligible to get.

    • To get a refund you should not attended more than two (Live-online) sessions. 
    • Our refund options are not applicable for self-paced video learning, as we allow students to go through live online classes.

    Accessibility Testing is a great career choice. It is a high paid job industry. With right training from our Testing 360 institute you can easylily get a job in this field. 

    Yes, our self-learning video course is made to design for people who want to learn the technology by themselves. You can ask our instructors if you may find any doubt during your self-learning process.

    Top companies like Google, Microsoft, Infosys, Apple, Facebook, and Uber are always looking for people who have relevant skills and experience in Accessibility Testing.

    Yes, Accessibility Testing is a great career choice. It is a highly paying technology field. According to Glassdoor, it offers up to $116,000 a year on average.

    At Testing 360 Interview scheduling is unlimited, no need to worry if you are not getting selected in your 1st interview, we will help you find the position that is right for you.

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